Reclusive Utah “Ski Bum” Reveals a New Way to Easily Build an Email List That Rakes in Hundreds (Even Thousands) of Dollars a Day


Without creating an offer… without running paid ads… and without being a well-known guru

Dear friend,

My buddy Mike Geary has a damn good life. One that most people would kill for.

And he built it by focusing on just one thing… 

A single money-making asset…

One that pays him $18,579 every single day like clockwork. 

I’m talking about his email list.
Thanks to his email list, Mike lives life on his own terms.

Today, he’s basically the richest ski bum I know.

Anytime there's fresh snowfall, Mike simply pops his skis on and hits the trails in less than 10 seconds.

He lives at the top of Powder Mountain in a gorgeous, multi-million dollar mansion in Utah. 

It’s got a day spa on the first floor that could rival the Wynn… an in-ground plunge pool… a massive hot tub overlooking the mountain… and a whole lot more.

Every time I hang with Mike, there's one thing that sticks out to me. And it’s not the baller house or the stunning views… 

It’s that Mike’s first priority isn’t work… it's enjoying life.

He’s NOT glued to his computer, on Zoom calls for hours, or endless posting on social media…

Instead, Mike usually works like two hours a day and spends the rest of his time skiing, hiking, and playing with his dogs. 

All because he has developed a simple list-building and monetization model that runs like a well-oiled machine. 

How He Does It…

Mike has engineered a way to add hundreds — often thousands — of names to his list every day and extract the maximum amount of income from those names with the least amount of effort. 

It’s super simple. But it works for him and for thousands of others. (And if you put in the work, it could work for you, too.) 

I’ve seen it work for folks who started with ten names and I’ve seen it work for folks who have 10,000 names. The key is to just get started.   

Now, Mike didn’t start with millions of names on his list, he started small. Really small.

The first name on Mike’s email list was a friend of his mom’s. It took him months to get to a hundred names. 

But then Mike figured out how to attract and add more people to his list. And things really started to take off.

Soon he had hundreds of names. Before long a few thousand.

Eventually, Mike grew his main email list to over 2.1 million people.

And it’s just one of several lists he’s built over the years.
Because Mike understands something most of the social media gurus miss: 

The Real Money Is In The List

That’s why Mike is constantly engineering new ways to put more people onto his list. 

He knows if he can keep growing the list, he makes more and more money with every email he sends.

And that’s how Mike raked in over $6 million dollars last year from his email list.

Now clearly Mike is one of the best in the world at using this strategy. Not every list is going to generate millions of dollars right out of the gate.

But most folks don’t need millions of dollars to enjoy a better life. Heck, just a few extra thousand dollars a month can make a huge difference.

Best of all, Mike just came up with a new list-building strategy that could add dozens, hundreds, even thousands of names to your list… if you’re willing to follow Mike’s method.

Not only that, but this new strategy works…

Without running expensive Facebook or YouTube ads…

Without creating an offer.

And without having to be some well-known guru.

Believe me, Mike has absolutely no desire to be a guru and you’ll never see his face plastered all over the internet.

He’s interested in one thing and one thing only… building and profiting from his lists.

Because the list is what allows Mike to live a life that most people could never dream of. 

In the summer when he’s not skiing, Mike loves paddleboarding, golfing, and traveling to EDM festivals. And he and his wife, Nayri, love hanging out at 5-star resorts in Europe and Cabo.

Turn A Side Hustle Into a 
Million-Dollar List

But Mike’s life didn’t always look like this…

When Mike started out, he was working 9 to 5 as an environmental engineer in cubicle land. At night, he moonlighted as a personal trainer for $20 an hour to make some extra cash.

This was NOT how Mike imagined living his life. He didn’t want to commute to work every day just to work in a little box. He wanted the freedom to travel the world and spend his days skiing, hiking, and enjoying life. 

Maybe you can relate?

Mike tried many different ways to make more money.

He bought a course on “how to make 6 figures as a personal trainer,” which inspired him to try writing and selling a book on how to get flat abs. 

Then he tried writing fitness articles for sites like EZineArticles. Then affiliate marketing. Then blogging. You name it, he tried it.

But one day Mike realized that although he was making money with all those things…

He was making the MOST money from the names he had added to his list along the way. 

Not only that, but it was a heck of a lot easier!

That’s when Mike finally started focusing ALL his money-making efforts on growing his email list. And that’s when the big money started rolling in. And he began pulling in between $20K to $30K from every single email he sent to his list.

And that’s why I want YOU to build your own money-making email list 

Building your own money-making email list is simply the easiest and fastest way I know to fund the life you want.

Best of all, you don’t need a list anywhere near 2.1 million names like Mike has today if you want to make good money…

Take my mentee, Stephanie Pena for example. Her list is small — a tiny, tiny, tiny fraction the size of Mike’s list…

… and yet she makes on average $2,000 from every single email she sends.

So if Stephanie sends two emails, that’s a potential $4,000 in per pocket. If she sends three emails that's a potential $6,000. And if she sends an email everyday for a week,, she could bag as much as $14,000.

The more names you add, the more money you could be making. In the beginning, you might make closer to $50 or $100 per email sent. Eventually, as your list grows, you could be making thousands of dollars or more per email — just like Stephanie. 

I can’t think of any other asset that produces that kind of money so quickly. Especially if you use the easy-to-implement list-building tactics that Mike has engineered.

My name is Justin Goff, and I’ve built and profited from multiple lists in different niches.
  • First I built a list of 38,000 names in the fitness space.
  • Then I built another list of 290,000 names in the anti-aging space.
  • Most recently I built a list of 13,000 names in the freelancer/copywriter space.
Over the past 14 years, I’ve used my list-building skills to launch and grow four different multi-million dollar businesses.  

All of which allowed me to build a $6+ MILLION net worth and to fund the life I’ve always dreamed of living.

You Don’t Need a Big List to Make the Big Money

Today I’m an entrepreneur, copywriter, and investor, as well as a consultant for some of the biggest names in direct-response marketing. 

But the thing I’m the most proud of is the many online marketers I have personally mentored. I’m talking about folks like these who are making big money even with tiny lists.

People like…
  • Paul Clingan, who made $13,000 in one week from a list of 2,000 people
  • Matthias Dörtzbach, who made $2,100 in seven days from a tiny 600 person list
  • ​Tom Hedieman, who consistently rakes in over $10,000 per month from a list of less than 2,000 people
  • ​Joe Benvenuti, who brings in between $4,000 and $6,000 per month from his small 400 person list
When you build an email list it’s an ASSET. The most valuable asset that you OWN in my opinion.

That’s because…

Building an email list the way that Mike does… is almost like a money spigot you can turn on whenever you need to

If you’re exhausted by the feast or famine cycle of freelancing and you want to create your own steady source of income…

If you’re fed up with clients who make outrageous demands, balk at your fees, and fire you on a whim and you want to truly be your own boss…

If you’re a coach or consultant and you want to easily sell your high-ticket services and programs to people with money…

If you’re tired of trading hours for dollars and you want to scale your business without working 80-hour work weeks…

If you already have your own email list but you want to grow it and increase your profits…

If you’re worried about AI and you want an easy way to diversify and grow your income…

If you’re stuck in a dead-end job and looking for a proven way out…
If you want to build a long-term sustainable business that generates big money year after year…

Then my best advice to you is… Build. A. List.

Because, whatever your current situation, starting and growing your own email list could be a game-changer.

For example, I personally (and I’m hardly the world’s best writer, best marketer, or hardest worker) was able to... 
  • Starting out, make $340,000 from a tiny list of 200 people
  • Routinely rake in over $30,000 simply promoting other people's products that I believe in (affiliate offers)
  • Get more than 70 people to sign up for a $15,000 coaching program (yeah, that’s some pretty sweet math!)
  • Work just 2-3 hours a day, and still make between $40,000 and $60,000 a month. (A month!)
Now, I’m not saying that emails to your list will have the same results. Every list is different. I’m just showing you the kind of results that are possible.

Because every single one of these real-life examples came from just one asset… my email list.

NOT my Instagram account. Not my YouTube channel.

Seriously, why waste your time spending hours and hours posting, liking, sharing, scrolling, following…

When Mike and I — and so many others like us — make almost ALL our money from email.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: the biggest reason I’m on social media is NOT to make money… 

It’s to get new names for my email list.

Look, in the last five years, I’ve made about $6,138 from Instagram…
Pocketed around $27,300 from YouTube…

But I’ve racked up $5.1 million from my email list. 

Yep, five million dollars!

Obviously, not every list generates five million in five years. Some earn far less and others earn far more. Heck, Mike earns nearly triple that amount from his list.

But there’s one thing I can guarantee you… you can’t earn money from your list if you never build it!

Start Profiting Almost Immediately

Now, I don't have a large list! It’s chump change compared to Mike’s – only 13,000 names.

If you follow Mike’s simple list-building model, you could quite possibly grow a list that’s more than big enough to start profiting almost immediately.

That’s because there are so many ways to potentially make money from your list...

For example, you could send other people’s offers to your list. (This typically generates between $20,000 and $45,000 every time I do it.)

You could sell physical products (I routinely made $17k-$20k for each email I sent to my anti-aging list.)

You could sell digital courses. (These routinely rack up tens of thousands of dollars for me in a single week.)

You could sell coaching programs, either 1-on-1 or group coaching. (I’ve sold $1.5 million dollars worth of coaching programs to my list.)

No wonder email has driven pretty much ALL the revenue in my businesses over the last few years.

The Life-Changing Money-Making Power of Emails

When I thought about what a game-changer a list and email marketing has been for me, for Mike, and for so many others I’ve worked with over the years…

I knew I had to do something really special. I wanted as many people as possible to discover the best ways to build and monetize a list… to generate extra income for themselves… and to live the life they want.

Because frankly, the more people who are successful at list-building and email marketing, the more “people with money” ALL of us have to sell our products to. Truly, in this case, a rising tide lifts all boats!

That’s why I decided that simply doing another webinar, course, or training on list-building or email marketing wouldn’t be enough.

I needed to do something bigger and better!

So, I decided to invite the smartest list builders and email marketers I knew to a private live event and pry their secrets out of them. (Heck, I wanted to learn, too!)

I wanted this to be big, comprehensive, in-depth. Because I don’t think anyone should spend their life slaving over bullshit in a cubicle — or coffee shop — working hard on something that doesn’t satisfy them monetarily or otherwise.

And I believe that everyone should know how to not only build but get the maximum amount of dollars out of a list.

So I put together an exclusive two-day event in Austin and called it, simply and obviously), the Email Experts Event. 
And I invited all the O.G.s of list-building and email marketing to attend and share their bootstrapped, in-the-trenches, learned-the-hard-way-so-you-don’t-have-to wisdom. 

Every single one of these experts either grow or manage money-making email lists that enable them to live the kind of life they’ve always wanted.

And I bet you can guess who my first invitation went out to. Yup, Mike Geary himself.
Because more than anyone else, Mike has had a massive, massive impact on how I approach email, how I approach list building, and most importantly how I approach living my life on my own terms.

True confession: I’ve been begging Mike for nearly 4 years to let me do an in-depth interview with him about exactly how he built and grew such a massive list so quickly and created his dream life.

But Mike almost always politely declines. He rarely speaks at events. Because he’s kind of a hermit. And just loves his life in Utah so much.

So when Mike finally said yes and agreed to leave five inches of fresh powder and fly to Austin… 

I knew my Email Experts Event was going to be on a whole different level than anything I’ve ever done before.

And Mike did not disappoint. He delivered the goods, sharing insider knowledge only someone with 40 separate email lists, millions of emails sent, and an engineer's mind for data could know.

Mike and I talked for nearly three hours and the room was riveted. Virtually no one hit the head, checked their emails, or was texting or tweeting or posting. 

The only sound was the scratch of pens trying madly to keep up and a few keyboarders.  

And Mike was just one of the half-dozen expert speakers at the event. The entire two days were packed with exceptional value.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s just some of the feedback I received after the event…
“Mike Geary alone was more than worth the investment!”

– Jared Bigman (Email Copywriter)
“Bagged an extra $4K since the event (without working hard). So 100% worth the investment.”
— Nathan Jones
“I feel like I got a 4-year email marketing degree in just 2 days
– Zac Garside (List Owner and Manager)
“This was hands down the best investment I’ve made in my business and skill development in the past 18 months.”

– Tim Cels (Email Copywriter)
“I learned stuff at this event that will help me make 6 figures this year easily” 

– Theo Seeds (Freelance copywriter for coaches)
“Already made $703 pure profit in only 12 minutes after sending just one quick and dirty “Mike Geary style content email” to my list.”

  — Bob Saperstein (Copywriter)
“I’m watching the recordings over and over again throughout the year. Millions will be made from this.

– Manuel Medrano (Long-form Financial Copywriter)
Now, of course, it’s too late for you to attend my Email Experts Event. That ship has sailed.

But the good news is that if you missed it, or were one of those who wanted to come and we had to turn away…

You can still get access to Mike’s marathon interview and all the intel he dropped on us, plus everything I and all the other experts covered over the entire two days.

It’s all part of my brand new Email Experts Deluxe Edition

In the Email Experts Deluxe Edition, you get all the videos for all the expert presentations, every minute of the two-day event, all the PDFs, the handouts, the money-making email templates, the proven income-generating formulas, all of it.

As well as a ton of other bonuses I’ll tell you about in just a minute that I’m adding to make this Deluxe Edition the only instruction you’ll ever need on how to build and monetize a money-making list.
In this Deluxe Edition, you get a detailed breakdown of what anyone who dreams of getting results like Mike’s MUST know about his approach to building and profiting from lists…

Plus even more advanced stuff that the pro marketers in the room scarfed down like a New York slice.
Just look at some of the genius-level hacks Mike dished out at the Email Experts Event…
  • How to add 6,000 leads to an existing email list every single day WITHOUT creating an offer
  • How to Mike 4X’d his profits in just two hours a day — without spending hours creating content… posting on social media… shooting videos… or writing long form sales letters
  • ​The lead magnets that work best to attract "people with money" (and which ones completely bomb)
  • Mike’s top-performing “soft sell” email template. Generates more money than the best “hard pitch” sales emails in almost every split test. Best of all, emails based on this template are super-short and easy to write
  • How to dramatically increase profits from every name that gets added to the list. The secret is this clever redirect
  • ​The ONE email that nearly always outperforms all others. Mike breaks it down for you step-by-step
  • The key to getting Mike Geary himself to consider promoting YOUR offer. Like a winning lottery ticket for your email list!!
  • Subject lines that are getting the most clicks, opens, and sales from the man who sends millions of emails every week)
  • Mike’s brilliant “cross-niche” strategy for successfully promoting offers from OTHER niches. Dramatically increases the amount of money a list can generate
Whether you’re just getting started or already have a list you’ve been monetizing… studying and implementing just five minutes worth of the stealth tactics Mike covered could double, triple or even quadruple your profits.

At the event, everyone was frantically scribbling down notes (me included!), asking questions, and experiencing so many ‘ah-ha’ moments I lost count. 

I practically had to stop guys from bolting just so they could get home and start building and profiting from their lists immediately.

And when you see how easy it is to implement Mike’s list-building strategy, you’ll understand why.

Getting Started Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

In addition to my in-depth interview with Mike, I went behind the scenes in the Deluxe Edition and reveal…
How to use Mike Geary’s proven methods to get your first 100, 500 or 1,000 email subscribers… even if nobody knows who you are… and without spending a dime on paid ads.
Here’s what I covered:
  • The simplest way to get your first 100 email subscribers in less than 30 days
  • The 12 most profitable niches to start with (and 3 you should avoid at all costs)
  • How to start an email list and turn it into fast profits (even if you’re not an expert and nobody knows who you are)
  • The #1 traffic source that puts "people with money" onto your email list (and how to get them there) Unbeatable when it comes to accumulating high-value leads.
  • The 7 magic words that will have people begging you to add them to your list
  • 3 super-simple copy-and-paste emails that almost always make the cash register ring…
  • The most profitable offers to send to your list. Why waste your time with anything else?
  • And much, much, more…
But Mike and I were just getting started. Check out just one of the ninja tricks Mike revealed during our interview…

No offer? No problem!
Grow your list by piggybacking
off other people’s offers

At my Email Experts Event, the crowd watched slack-jawed as Mike showed us how to build a list by piggybacking off other super-successful marketers.

The brilliance of this strategy is that someone else invests all the money in massive 45-minute videos, ads, products, offers, sales pages, and more.

Then you just sit back and leverage their work to grow your own list by hundreds and even thousands of names a day.

Not only that, but in many cases they will actually pay YOU to do it!
It’s beyond me why people struggle to learn how to write long, high-converting sales copy in competitive markets, spending months crafting and producing video sales letters, testing dozens of sales pages to find one that actually converts at scale…

When all you need to do is create a simple plug-and-play opt-in page. Less than 50 words. Sweet.

Then you put that page in front of what is already a great-performing offer for a product you like and respect.

And the best part is, not only do you capture the person’s email address when they opt-in, BUT…

If that person goes on to buy from that offer, you get PAID.

Plus, since it’s already one of the top-performing offers for a great product, the odds of the prospect taking the bait (and generating profits for you) are ever in your favor.

I wish I had known Mike’s list-building secrets when I was first starting out!

Instead of going through the hassle of creating my own offer, getting a merchant account, and writing a 45-minute video sales letter (VSL) script… 

I could have just piggybacked off other people’s most successful offers and built my own list with a simple optin page. 

And once you see for yourself how Mike does this, you could follow in his footsteps and do the same thing! 

Let’s say some “Smart Marketer” launches a great diabetes offer that’s killing it in the market. 

Mike simply builds a down-and-dirty opt-in page that offers a free report, something like “10 Diabetic Friendly Desserts” (heck, AI could easily write that for you) and puts it in front of the great diabetes offer. 

Instead of writing pages and pages of copy, all Mike does is build a simple opt-in page to capture the email address. I’m talking 50 words or less.

Then he sends the prospect over to the “Smart Marketer’s” landing page for the great diabetes offer.

When the prospect buys from Smart Marketer’s offer… Mike gets paid. A lot.

I’m talking anywhere from 90% to 100% of the profits from that first sale as an affiliate (yes, 100% in some cases!) 

Plus he gets to keep the name he has captured! 

Which means, Mike essentially gets a new subscriber for his list for FREE. 

Imagine getting hundreds of new subscribers for your list every day without having to lose money… 

That’s every marketer's dream!

And this is how Mike engineered his list-building machine that adds 6,000 names to his list every day.

I couldn’t believe Mike's willingness to reveal exactly, step-by-step, how he did it!

But Mike was far from the only superstar up on stage…

At the Email Experts Event I brought together some of the smartest people in the world when it comes to building and leveraging money-making email lists.

And you can get ALL their insider information and proven strategies too. When you grab your copy of the Email Experts Deluxe Edition you get…

Your Dream Team of List-Builders
and Email Marketing Experts!

Jerrod Harlan is the mad email genius behind some of the biggest lists in direct response like ClickFunnels, Credit Secrets, Miami MD, Scott Phillips Crypto Trading, Breakthrough Guitar, and more.

Jerrod did a deep dive into the 7 proven frameworks he uses to write highly profitable emails.
Not only do these frameworks work in almost any niche, but you have Jerrod’s permission to swipe them and use them to make money yourself!

In Jerrod's talk you’ll discover… 
  • 7 PROVEN frameworks to write cash-grabbing emails with minimal effort
  • ​The “P.W.A.T.” email that pulled $5.28 million in sales from ONE email list in a single year
  • 25 money-making emails for you to swipe and profit from — starting today
  • The “Buyers foreplay” email that tickles your readers greed-glands and gets them ready to buy
  • Winning subject lines for you to plug-n-play. Watch your open rates soar.
  • The “Proof pusher” email that triggers your email list into a buying frenzy. (I don't understand why he’s not just keeping this one to himself.) 
But these are not the only email secrets you’ll discover in the Email Experts Deluxe Edition

You’ll also discover…

Simple AI Tools So Powerful They Could 10X The Results From Every Email

When it comes to tools, software, and AI to enhance your productivity and ability to make money, very few are more dialed-in than Liss Graham, President and CEO of “LissT Management.”

Her high-volume agency sends over 80 million emails per-month and generates over 13 million dollars in profit for her clients annually.
In her talk, she uncovers her favorite tools for maximizing profits, beating email controls, and improving deliverability across the board, including:
  • 3 email tools that are like having a VA. (They will handle 90% of the work for you.) 
  • ​A 4-Step Email “Checklist” responsible for bringing in over $13 million dollars a year
  • How to potentially 4X email revenue at lightning speed using ChatGPT
  • 3 little-known AI tools that write high-converting emails with just one click
  • Words you should never say in an email. They will send you straight to the sp*m folder. 
  • What to say to get more eyes on your emails (and profits in your pocket)
Because there’s such big money in selling high ticket courses and trainings, I asked our next guest to show you…

How a Simple Email Can Sell $2k, $10k and even $25k offers 
(even without a phone team)

Joey Percia is a master at selling high-ticket offers through email.

He currently writes for Performance Golf (which has a list of 350,000) as well as some of the most profitable big-name email lists today.
If you’re ready to reel in more high-ticket sales (and maybe even if you think you’re not), you don’t want to miss this talk.

Joey reveals how to generate serious cash from high ticket offers, as well as his top-performing emails responsible for multiple 6- and even 7-figure campaigns now run on autopilot. 

Just look…
  • The easiest way to sell high-priced products ($10-25k) for your clients through email
  • ​Proven 7-figure emails for you to legally and ethically swipe
  • How simple “hand raiser” emails can rake in easy profits from your list
  • The “L.B.M.R” formula that pulls more sales from your email list almost like it’s on autopilot 
  • How to “hook-split” one idea into MULTIPLE emails to multiply effectiveness and response
  • The “P.E.S.” strategy that PERFECTLY times your emails for maximizing sales nearly every time
If you’re a copywriter, once you’ve mastered the secrets in the Email Experts Deluxe Edition, you could easily be generating hundreds of thousands or even millions more in sales for your clients.

Would you like to get a piece of the action? 

Well, in my opinion, no one is better at negotiating attractive revenue share deals than Lukas Resheske…

How To Find Copy Clients Willing To Pay You $10K, $25K And Even $50K Per Project

Lukas Resheske has been a copywriter for more than a decade, and has generated over $200M+ in sales for his clients.

Today he coaches over 1,250 copywriters on how to negotiate better deals with their clients and partners.
You’ll be stunned as Lukas reveals his unique "Hierarchy Of Clarity" — 5-part pyramid designed to guide copywriters in finding lucrative rev-share deals according to their unique skill set. 

Get ready to take advantage of secrets like…
  • If you’d love to land a lucrative $10k to $50k rev share deal as a copywriter, and you’ve got some copy chops, here’s what you need to do right now 
  • Turn the tables and get clients to pitch YOU on high-paying rev-share deals
  • Exactly where you should be looking if you want to land 6-figure deals. Almost no one knows about this. 
  • How to potentially land high-demand email gigs with this pro tip
  • Why you should AVOID freelance websites like the plague
Next, whether you’re writing for clients or your own list or both, you’ve got to keep people entertained or they’ll click away in a hot second.

And who better to teach you how to be entertaining than this no-filter standup comedian turned copywriter, who will reveal…

How To Avoid The #1 Sin in Email Marketing 

In his riveting talk, Ian Stanley spills the tea on how he has sold over 200 million dollars worth of products, and routinely adds around 200 new leads a day to his 35,000+ email list.

He reveals how to never be boring (which, as you’ll see, Ian never is, in his life or in his copy),  as well as other weirdly profitable things he’s learned by doing things just a little bit differently — including how to use video as your very own lead-generating, prospect-converting superpower.
Don’t miss…
  • How to use story to turbocharge every aspect of your emails (and have your list eagerly awaiting the next one)
  • ​How to use the secret of “opposites” to get more opens, clicks, and sales
  • The weird pricing strategy that’s working like gangbusters (hint: it’s not raising the price, lowering the price, nor breaking it up into installments)
  • How to make a video go viral (even one about toilet water!)
  • How he got an 86% lift in response — without changing a word of the copy
  • Best open loop question hooks that irresistibly grab readers’ attention and keep it glued to your email
  • ​The 8-step “failsafe checklist” for building a high-quality email list as quickly and effortlessly as possible 
  • ​The simple “camera hack” that subconsciously signals: “this video can be trusted”
You could spend the next twelve months testing dozens of different offers to your list. Or… you could take advantage of everything I personally have learned and cut to the chase.

Here’s what I shared at the Email Experts Event:

9 Simple Ways To Boost The Profits From Every Single Email 

In this talk I break down everything I learned from testing over two dozen different offers to my list in 2023. 

You’ll get a behind the scenes look at all the offers, emails, and list building strategies making me the most money right now. All for you to swipe, steal, and profit from with your email list as soon as you want. 
It’s all included in your Email Experts Deluxe Edition where you’ll discover…
  • The offers and emails that helped me rake in $60-80k a month from a small list of 1,100 people last year
  • Which emails underperformed. I promise you’ll just as much if not more from these!
  • How often you should mail your list
  • The only days of the week I’ll email on
  • The magic number of emails to send to maximize profits
  • ​The pricing secret that almost always DOUBLES my sales when I promote the offer again the next day
  • ​The single biggest factor in the success of a promotion. And it has nothing to do with copywriting
  • How to find the topics those on your list will eagerly devour. (And, of course, more engagement means more sales.)
  • How I 5X’d what I made from my email list by doing this one thing
Even after two days with five amazing experts plus yours truly, we weren’t done. Not by a long shot.

Before we wrapped up, I invited this entire badass squad which has produced over a billion dollars in revenue back up to the stage for an in-depth grilling on how anyone can create a “lifestyle business” for themselves with a money-making list of their own. 

The Full Expert Super Squad
Reveals All

Take a deep dive into the world of email marketing like you’ve never seen it before as the experts open up and spill the tea about how they really make their money.

In this rapid-fire session they cover subject lines, email copy, from names, list management and more. 

Get invaluable insights into high-level strategies, affiliate promotions, and deliverability straight straight from the people in the trenches, including…
  • Winning subject lines with the highest open-rates
  • How to read the data — and use it to improve open and response rates — like a pro
  • How to multiply your results by segmenting leads, buyers, and actives
  • Email sequences and autoresponders that pull more cash from your email list without lifting a finger 
  • How to properly test every email (a sure-fire response booster) 
  • Promoting affiliate offers to your email list (the do’s and don’ts)
  • Secrets of increased engagement and improved deliverability
  • And many more advanced tools and tactics to help you maximize profits from your email list 
As you can see, my elite squad of experts covered everything you need to know to leverage your list to fund your ideal lifestyle and more — from getting folks on their way to making big money to the most advanced secrets of list-building and email marketing.

And if all you got were these six exclusive videos, you’d have more elite knowledge than almost everybody else out there, and you could for sure run circles around all those wannabe internet posers.

But I didn’t want to just send you the recordings and all the handouts folks got at the Email Experts event. 

I wanted to create an Email Experts Deluxe Edition so comprehensive, so in-depth, so filled with the street smarts you need to succeed…

… that it would be the absolute best tool for building and monetizing money-making email lists

That’s why I added…

3 Very Special Bonus Trainings

Whether you’re just starting out or have been at it for awhile, you don’t want to miss these!
  • Special Bonus Training #1:

How to Acquire a Ready-To-Mail 13,000-Person Email List For $0 Upfront

Don’t want to build a list yourself? Fine! Acquire one from someone else for $0 upfront!


Many list owners have shiny object syndrome and jump into new niches and just let their old lists sit there (even though they’re still very profitable). This is an opportunity for you to scoop up that list, take it over and start making money from it.

Includes a list of 600+ businesses who have lists you that you may be able to acquire.
  • Special Bonus Training #2:

My 3 Best-Selling Emails You Can Swipe And Start Making Money Quickly

Includes not just what to do but three actual emails that are yours to swipe to your heart’s content.

Email number 1 will drown readers with proof and erase all skepticism.
Email number 2 puts the dream in front of the reader in the most irresistible way.

And email number 3 is all about setting up the reader’s biggest problem with a story, and then you come to the rescue with the solution.
  • Special Bonus Training #3:

FREE Traffic Sources To Get Your First 100 Email Subscribers

I’ll tell you exactly how to get your first 100 email subscribers using free traffic sources.

That means no Facebook ads, no Youtube ads…none of that.

I share with you 3 free traffic sources that will help you get the ball rolling…and get your first 100 email subscribers for your list.  

And best of all…

As soon as you grab your copy of the Email Experts Deluxe Edition

You’ll have instant access to ALL the slides and swipe file examples of emails, opt-in pages, lead magnets, and more!

Plus… you’ll have lifetime access to all the Email Expert presentation videos, PDF’s, slide decks, email templates, notes, everything you need to succeed.

These insider tactics will work for almost any niche including…

  • Health
  • Golf
  • Poker
  • ​Biz Opp
  • ​Self Help
  • Investing
  • Guitar
  • Collectibles
  • Religion
  • Supplements
  • Dating
  • Survival
  • ​Precious metals
  • Politics
  • ​Cooking
  • Astrology
  • Guns
  • Fitness
  • ​Credit Repair
  • ​Weight Loss

You Don’t Have to be a Guru!

Let me be clear, you don’t need to be a “guru” or an expert in your niche to build a money-making email list.

Take my friend Joe Ducard, for example. Joe built a money-making email list in the dating niche – even though almost no one had heard of him when he started.

Then there’s my friend Allen Baler who built a money-making list in the prepper/survival space – and he’s the furthest thing from a prepper.

Or take my friend Dave Sinick. Dave built a money-making list in the cooking space – and the guy barely knows how to make a grilled-cheese sandwich.

None of these guys are famous gurus within their niche. You could walk past every one of them in the grocery store and not know it.

And yet every single one of them has built multiple 6 and 7-figure email lists And today, they’re using them to fund their dream lifestyle.

The point I’m trying to make here is simple…

You don’t have to be an authority for this to work.

It doesn’t matter what your position or experience is currently.

And thanks to Mike Geary’s brilliant strategy, you can do it without creating a bunch of products… without having your own offer, and without running complicated Facebook ads...

So, whether you’re a freelancer, business owner, copy chief, or simply someone who wants to make money without working 10 hours a day… 

You only need to follow the simple plan laid out in the Email Experts Deluxe Edition and start building and profiting from your list today.

You don’t have to work 80-hour work weeks either. You can get started with just one to three hours a day – whatever your schedule allows. 

Let Your List Fund Your Lifestyle

A list filled with “people with money” is a priceless asset. One that you can continue to grow and potentially profit from year after year after year.

I can tell you from experience that having my own list full of "people with money" has allowed me to fund a pretty incredible lifestyle. For example: 
  • I’ve stayed at lux 5-star hotels overlooking the ocean in Cabo, Maui and Mykonos
  • Together with some friends, I helped pay for a travel "bucket list" for my friend Rob last year when he was dealing with Stage 4 cancer
  • Bought a million dollar house in Austin, TX where I can have pool parties and entertain my friends
  • Sat courtside at the NBA finals with my dad when the Cavs played the Warriors 
  • Donated more than $25k to multiple dog rescues I’m passionate about
  • Took my dad to New York to see his favorite performer, Bruce Springsteen on Broadway (great seats and have you SEEN the price of Broadway tickets lately?)
  • Plus a whole lot more…
Once you’ve mastered and implemented the trainings in the Email Experts Deluxe Edition, you may be surprised to find yourself thinking about money in a whole new way.

Just imagine if every time you needed additional income, you had a proven strategy you could tap into to generate it.

Need extra money for a new top-of-the-line piece of electronics? 
Got your eye on a new car? 

Want to take your partner on a vacation to Mykonos? 

Unexpected medical or other expenses? 

Wish you could send a big fat check to support your favorite charity? 

The Email Expert Deluxe Edition can help you start making all these dreams a reality. 

Whether you’re a freelancer, business owner, copy chief, CMO or even a 9-to-5-er… 

All you have to do is follow the roadmap we’ve laid out for you already in the Email Expert Deluxe Edition.

This is the same roadmap the smartest and best email marketers in the world have used to build and grow their own lists and use them to fund their own lifestyles.

I can’t stress this enough: an email list is one of the most productive assets you own.

  • No more hustling 10-hours a day just to break even in your business
  • No more trading hours of your precious time for dollars
  • No more dealing with pain-in-the-ass clients
  • No more worrying if AI is going to eat your lunch
  • No more freaking out over unexpected expenses
This isn’t some distant pipe dream. 

If you’re willing to dedicate just a few hours every week to mastering these skills, you could start profiting in no time.

Just like these folks I have personally mentored…
“Justin helped me profitably build lists across 3 different niches and make over $130,000.”

— Matt Hommel
“Starting from scratch, my list has now grown to 136 . I send out emails 6x a week. Zero unsubscribes. $13,332 in income that’s directly attributable to my daily emails.”

— Neil Stringer, Copywriter 
“Generated over $12,500 in sales for just one of my clients last month with what Justin teaches”

— Galel Fajardo
“What you’ve taught me has helped me make $200K so far”

— Ahmed Salah
“I am not a copywriter. Still, in 3 months, I have built a list of around 1,400 subscribers and made three $1,000+ high-ticket sales, plus another $1,600 in sales.”

— Suraj Bhoir, Affiliate Marketer
Are you ready to join them?

Grab Your Copy of the Email Experts Deluxe Edition Today

If you’re ready to build your own money-making email list and use it to fund the life you’ve always imagined… and you want to learn from the guys who are actually doing it… NOT a bunch of fake gurus…

The Email Experts Deluxe Edition is for YOU.

And here’s everything you’ll get when you pick up a copy of it today…
  • Mike Geary’s Simple List Building Training for beginners
  • Mike Geary’s Advanced List Building Training (if you already have a list)
  • Justin Goff’s Training On “9 Simple Ways To Boost The Profits Of Every Email”
  • Jerrod Harlan’s “7 Cash-Grabbing Emails” Training
  • Joey Percia’s “How To Sell High-Ticket With Email” Training
  • Ian Stanley’s Training on “How To Get 180-200 New Leads Everyday”
  • Liss Graham’s “AI Email Secrets” Training
  • Lukas Resheske’s Training on “Landing $10k-$50k Copywriting Clients”
  • Email Roundtable Panel Session
  • BONUS #1: How to acquire a 13,000 person list for $0 upfront
  • BONUS #2: The 3 best-performing emails you can swipe and instantly send to your new list
  • BONUS #3: Free traffic sources to get your first 100 email subscribers

Many Of The Attendees Paid Over $2000 To Learn These Email And List Building Secrets

Between the cost of the event, flights, hotel and drinks, many of the attendees dropped $2000 or $3000 to come to the event.

But here’s the thing…they would tell you it was worth every penny.

In fact, Michael Tipper emailed me after the event and said the value he received was worth 25 TIMES the price of admission.  

And when you consider what my mentees are already pulling in, two thousand dollars is extremely reasonable, given that people could potentially earn that back by applying what they learned.

And of course if you wanted to consult with me personally — or any one of the dream team of experts — you’d have to part with thousands of dollars.

But the whole point of this event was to prove that anyone can build their own money-making email list and use it to fund your life like Mike Geary…

That all you need is a list of people with money and you can piggyback off the smartest marketers in the world and start making good money.
What’s more, as I mentioned before, a rising tide lifts all boats, the more people out there building lists, the more lists there are for all of us to get our offers in front of.

And last but not least, I’d rather charge less and change a lot of lives, than charge a lot and only change a few.

So rather than asking you to pay $2,000 or more, I’m going to give you instant access to the entire Email Experts Deluxe Edition for just $997.
That’s less than HALF of what the attendees paid to be there live!

Start Funding Your Dream Life Today for Only $997

Now I think $997 is more than reasonable, especially when you consider that you could earn all that back and start profiting in a relatively short amount of time.

Like Stephan Fox who told me, 
“I’ve gone from my first email subscriber (my mom) to just over 500 in a little under 3 months. It’s not massive but I’ve made $1,400 off of the list so far and I’m just getting started.”
But I've been getting a lot of emails lately from a lot of people dealing with cost of living increases, or losing clients due to AI, or struggling with burnout after working too many hours for way too long. Times are tough.

So instead of paying $997 today, you can pay only $97 right now, and pay the rest through a simple payment plan.

Not only that, but I’m NOT going to jack up the price just because you need some more time to pay.

If you take advantage of this payment plan right now…

You can have instant access to the entire Email Experts Deluxe Edition (plus all the examples and swipe files included AND the 3 Special Bonuses)... 

For a SINGLE downpayment of $97 (followed by 3 monthly payments of $299).

That’s right. You can…

Pay Just $97 Today

(And Pay The Rest Later)

That allows you to get started for less than a hundred bucks.

So instead of paying all $997 upfront, it’s just $97 today and then three future payments of $299 (these will be monthly payments that are 30 days apart).

This way it’s easier on your cash flow…

And you’ll still have instant access to the entire Email Experts Deluxe Edition so you can immediately begin watching the sessions.

Just set aside a few hours a week, and you can be on your way to building your own money-making email list.

And if you already have an email list, you can start adding even more names using Mike’s little known methods. Then begin maximizing your profits with all the templates and tips from our email experts.

This information in the Email Experts Deluxe Edition has worked for Mike, it’s worked for me, and it’s worked for many of the folks that I mentor. And I’m so confident that it can work for you that I’m willing to guarantee it.

One Year 100% No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee

Look, over the next year, if you’re anything less than 100% satisfied for any reason (and I mean any reason, like maybe you just don’t like my beard) you can email my assistant at and I’ll refund your money with no hassles or hard feelings from me. 

That’s how confident I am that the Email Expert Deluxe Edition can help you build an email list that could potentially pay you many times what you paid for this training…


Email Experts Deluxe Edition


Only $97 Today

(Followed by 3 monthly payments of $299) 

Are you ready to finally build a list that supports your dream lifestyle?

What does your dream lifestyle look like? 

For me, it’s working a few hours a day, traveling, hanging out with friends, helping at the dog shelter, and taking care of my health. 

Your dream might be different.

But whatever dream life looks like, you can start funding it today by building your own money-making email list. 

Because once you’ve got a list, it’s a bit like getting the keys to the kingdom. And you can begin using your list to generate the income you want.

It’s not complicated. It’s a simple money-making strategy and it’s worked for many, many others.

Which means you’ve got a decision to make.

Do you want to own a valuable asset that can potentially generate income month after month after month…
WITHOUT working long hours…

WITHOUT constantly posting, sharing, liking, and commenting on social media…

WITHOUT creating and testing multiple products and offers over and over again…

WITHOUT spending a fortune on paid advertising…
And finally get off the income roller coaster?

Then the Email Experts Deluxe Edition could very well be your ticket to a better life.

Why not let the best email experts in the world show you exactly how to build and grow your own money-making email list? 

These are the OGs of email marketing, they are living proof that this strategy works. They left cubicle land years ago and found a way to make good money that supports their life rather than drains it.

And they came together to give you the chance to do the same.

All you need to do to claim it is choose your payment option below.

I’ll see you inside,

Justin Goff
P.S. One last thought if you’ve been struggling to make money online or off…

I really believe this Email Experts Deluxe Edition could be your chance to finally show anyone who has ever doubted you just what you’re really capable of. 


Email Experts Deluxe Edition


Only $97 Today

(Followed by 3 monthly payments of $299) 

Got Questions? I Got Answers…

Who is Email Experts Deluxe Edition for? (Is This For Me?)

Whether you’re a freelancer… business owner… copy chief… CMO… or even a 9 to 5-er… if you’re looking for a simple way to build a highly-profitable email list, then this is for you.

With your own email list you don’t have to worry about chasing down clients… stressing over AI… or wondering where your next paycheck is coming from.

Just follow the roadmap we’ve laid out for you in the Email Expert Deluxe Edition — the same roadmap that some of the smartest and best email marketers in the world have used to build and grow their own lists.

In other words, if you’re looking to change your life by building a list and sending emails just like Mike Geary did, this is for you.

Can I build an email list even if nobody knows who I am?


Mike Geary is the perfect example of it. Mike has ZERO desire to be a “guru” or the “face” of any brand. He prefers to be behind the scenes building and profiting from his email lists.

My super-successful friends Joe Ducard, Allen Baler, and Dave Sinick — none of these guys are famous gurus within their niche. You could walk past every one of them in the grocery store and not know it. And yet every single one of them has built a 6 or 7-figure email list. 

Simply put, It doesn’t matter if people know who you are, you can build a profitable email list as an unknown. 

Will this work for all niches?

The tactics you’ll find in Email Experts will work for pretty much any niche you can think of, including weight loss, health, investing, coaching, business & marketing, dating, astrology, golf, guitar, survival, manifestation, guns, hobby niches, fitness, personal development and many, many more.

If there’s interested people with money to spend, there’s money to be made with an email list in that niche. 

Do I need to run paid ads for this to work?


Once you’re inside you’ll see we have two different options for you to build your list based on Mike Geary’s model. The first way is a simple way to get started that requires no paid ads of any kind.

We’ll show you how to get your first 100 email subscribers (for free) piggybacking on Mike’s list-building method.

If you’re more advanced and you already have your own list, you’ll also see a more advanced way to build your list (which Mike is using to add 6000 leads per day to his lists right now). You can do the advanced method without running Facebook or YouTube ads, since it’s almost all email traffic).

How much does it cost?

Many of the people who attended the Email Experts Event paid $2,000 apiece for their seat — and that doesn’t even include all the airfare, hotel, and food and beverage costs (and there were a LOT of beverages, if you know what I mean).

So rather than asking you to pay $2,000, I’m going to give you instant access to the entire Email Experts Deluxe Edition for just $997.

And to show you how serious I am about getting the Email Experts Deluxe Edition in your hands as soon as possible so you can start making money, instead of paying $997 today, you can get full access to it immediately for only $97 today plus three future payments of $299.

Best of all… I’m not going to jack up the price just because you need some more time to pay.

So, if you jump on this deal now, you’ll have instant access to the entire Email Experts Deluxe Edition (plus all the examples and swipe files included AND the 3 Special Bonuses) for a single downpayment of $97 (followed by 3 monthly payments of $299).

Is there a guarantee? 

Of course.

If you’re anything less than 100% satisfied for any reason at all (seriously) at any time within the next year (also, seriously) you can email my assistant at and we will refund your money with no hassles or hard feelings.

I’ll even let you keep access to the course as my way of saying thanks for giving it a try.

That’s how confident I am that the Email Expert Deluxe Edition can help you build an email list that supports your lifestyle and pays you many times what you paid for this training.

The only thing left is for you to make a decision.

Ok, I’m sold! What are my next steps?

Great choice. Your future self is thanking you already.

As soon as you select your payment option you’ll be taken to a secure checkout page where you’ll enter your basic information. It only takes about 30 seconds.

Once you’re done, you’ll have instant access to the entire Email Experts Deluxe Edition and can immediately begin watching the sessions.

Just dig in and you’ll learn the exact steps to take to build a money-making email list. It’s that simple.

And if you already have an email list, you can start adding even more subscribers to your list using Mike’s genius hacks, as well as all the templates and tips from our email experts.

Ready to get started? Just click the button below and you’ll soon be inside watching the first video. 

See you there!


Email Experts Deluxe Edition


Only $97 Today

(Followed by 3 monthly payments of $299) 
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